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Chocolate Caramel Brownie

Date infused Cognac .  Fig .
Chocolate Liqueur .  Caramel
Served hot, and strong!
A deliciously sweet but boozy winter warmer.

Milk Choc Block

Chocolate. Milk. Marshmallow.
Amaro. Caramel Cream
The Hot Chocolate that 2020 deserves!
Served hot with lashings of spiced Italian vermouth and topped with Caramel Squirty cream.

Caramel Swirl

Cinder Toffee Rum. Chocolate liqueur.
Caramel. Oat milk
A sweet, little christmas treat served over ice.

Green Triangle

Granola Vodka. Chestnut. Hazelnut. Cold brew
Nuts and praline flavours, stirred down with sweet cold brew coffee

The Purple One

Brooklyn Gin. Beetroot cordial.
Hazelnut. Thyme. Egg white
Absolutely no chocolate to be seen here. A light, sharp but not citrusy, earthy delight in a glass.

Orange Crunch

Whiskey. Orange. Carpano Bitter. Amaro
A bold flavoured drink, similar in taste to a christmas Negroni


Browned butter rum. Chocolate.
Honey. Tonka Bean
An old fashioned with a seasonal twist. Browned butter adds a lovely, light taste of fudge

Strawberry Delight

Blanco Rum. Cream. Coconut.
Strawberry Daiquiri Ice
Imagine a pina colada without the pineapple, and served on top of a (actually) frozen strawberry daiquiri. When the ice starts to melt, it adds both a boozy kick and tart strawberry.

Coconut Eclair

Coconut Rum. Chocolate. Almond.
Honey. Malic Acid. Egg white
A sweet, frothy cocktail that has nougat flavours, along with coconut and hints of chocolate.

Orange Creme

Gin. Orange. Fig. Almond.
Lemon. Egg whites
A light and refreshing break from the winter season, with this sweet, orange libation.